Articles from Self Build with Mannok

Aircrete Inner Leaf: Replacing Dense Blocks in the Inner Leaf of a Traditional Cavity Wall with Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks

Published: 22 Aug 2022.

Mannok’s Technical and Product Specification Manager, Jason Martin, explains why Aircrete Inner Leaf provides a high performing, more comfortable and sustainable home. TEST construction is the most common method used...

What is SIMS by Mannok and what are the benefits

Published: 6 May 2022.

A construction method which is a step above the major alternatives on the market in terms of thermal, structural and fire performance! A look at the benefits of SIMS by...

Self-Builders: Use the Correct Thermal Blocks or Risk Durability Non-Compliance

Published: 8 Feb 2022.

Self-Builders: Use the Correct Thermal Blocks or Risk Durability Non-Compliance More and more self-builders in Ireland are enquiring about block durability and the suitability of Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks in...


Published: 2 Dec 2021.

At Self Build Live Belfast, an exhibition show for self-builders to explore the range of methods and products to build a home for life, the organisers held a Q&A session...

Seminar: A Self Builder’s Guide to Ireland’s Best Performing Thermal Block

Published: 5 Nov 2021.

During Selfbuild Live Belfast, while Self Build With Mannok exhibited at the show which attracts self-builders from the length and breadth of the country, Mannok’s Technical & Product Specification Manager,...

Self Build Show Outtakes: The Demand for a More Energy Efficient, Comfortable Home Places Aircrete on the Self-builders Wish List

Published: 9 Sep 2021.

The Self Build Show in Belfast’s Titanic Exhibition Centre welcomed thousands of self-builders, Architects and Contractors from across the country last weekend and the Self Build with Mannok team were...

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