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SIMs by Mannok

Benefits for Self-Builders in Ireland

SIMS by Mannok is a unique offering from Mannok which offers self-builders in Ireland the opportunity to build a superior performance home in the most cost-effective way. The term SIMS refers to the Super Insulated Masonry System, which as the name suggests, maximises the insulating properties of three high performance building elements.

Build for Living

Build a home designed for comfort, with regulated temperatures and long-term energy savings

One of the most important considerations for anyone building their own home is the experience of living in it and this is where a SIMS home excels. The superior thermal performance of a SIMS house results in far superior comfort levels in your super insulated home. The airtight and weathertight structure eliminates drafts, damp and mould, giving a healthier and more comfortable living environment for you and your family.

The unique properties of Aircrete Thermal Blocks, which form the masonry structure of the walls, results in regulated internal temperatures with seasonal heating and cooling effects.

Thanks to the significant reduction in heat loss, a SIMS house is more economical to run, with reduced energy costs for the long term.

Build for the Future

Build a sustainable, more durable home, with lower environmental impact designed for long-term investment

Every self-builder should be looking to the future when deciding on which construction method to use. You want a home for the long-term, one that’s also an investment, and one which is environmentally sustainable.

A SIMS home is designed to give you comfortable living for the long term, which results in lifetime savings on energy costs. The superior strength of the masonry wall structure, which is also protected by the external ETICS system, gives added peace of mind that your home is strong, durable and built to last.

Build for Performance

Build a super insulated home that’s almost 3x stronger and 3x more fire resistant

SIMS by Mannok is a modern method of construction which effectively combines the properties of the building elements to ensure exceptional performance on all the key consideration factors.

Thermal performance

Perhaps the most appealing thing about a SIMS home for self-builders is the super thermal performance which addresses the biggest causes of heat loss in typical homes, heat loss through the walls and breaks in insulation, known as thermal bridges.

* Heat loss through thermal bridges is reduced by up to 80% with SIMS, combatting the biggest source of heat loss in homes.

Structural performance

Every self-builder wants to ensure the quality of their home’s construction, that it is robust and structurally sound. Again, this is where SIMS wall construction is superior to traditional cavity walls, giving reassurance of the long-term stability and strength of the building. The fact that the masonry wall structure is also protected by the external insulation system also improves durability of the wall’s core structure.

* SIMS walls are proven to be almost three times stronger than traditional cavity walls.

Fire performance

Perhaps something which isn’t top of mind when it comes to deciding on the type of house you want to build is how safe it is when it comes to fire performance, but it is certainly worth knowing how the main types of construction available compare.

SIMS can easily achieve 6 hours fire resistance, which is 3 times as much as traditional cavity wall construction, which gives about 2 hours resistance. Perhaps most significant is how timber frame houses perform on this important safety aspect, giving just 30 minutes of fire resistance.

* SIMS gives 1100% better fire resistance than timber frame housing.

Airtightness and Weathertightness

Ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible means eliminating where possible any leakage paths where warm air can escape and cold air can come into the building. Not only does it push up heating costs, but it impacts on the comfort factor with drafts, cold spots and even damp or mould in the house. SIMS walls have much better airtightness compared to traditional cavity walls, improving energy efficiency and eliminating drafts.

The external walls of the house are wrapped in an external insulation system which protects against weather elements such as wind and rain, improving the durability of the masonry construction and also preventing more costly, uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy living conditions.

* With SIMS, there is zero condensation risk, with enhanced airtightness and damp and mould is eliminated.

Sustainable Living

We all need to ensure we are building homes that reduce the environmental impact for the long term.

To do this, we should consider both the long-term efficiency of the building as well as the environmental credentials of the materials used in its construction.

Regulatory standards and beyond

Regulations in Ireland now demand nZEB (nearly zero energy buildings) to be met. This is welcome news for those who are serious about sustainable building, but has been seen as a challenge for many given that it represents a 70% improvement on the 2005 standards when it comes to a building’s energy performance.

With SIMS, this level of energy performance is easily achievable, and in fact, we make it easy to o beyond this standard for those who want to build an even more sustainable home. Rather than “nearly” zero energy buildings, the goal for many is to go straight to zero energy buildings, where the net energy consumption is zero. Passive house standards is another performance goal which self-builders are now more frequently aiming for to ensure the long term reduction in environmental impact of their homes.

Whichever standard you are aiming for, the starting point is with the very fabric of the building and this is where SIMS can help easily achieve the end goal. The significant reduction in heat loss and resulting low energy consumption and low carbon emissions automatically results in a more superior performance home which is well on its way to achieving nZEB or any higher standard.

Sustainable Products

The masonry structure of SIMS walls is built with Aircrete Thermal Blocks, which are proven to be one of the most sustainable block choices on the Irish market which meet the regulatory structural requirements for house building. Not only do they make a significant contribution to the long-term energy efficiency of the building, but the blocks themselves are manufactured from up to 80% recycled raw materials which are locally and responsibly sourced.

Mannok Build were one of the first three companies in Ireland to develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for their products, including Aircrete Thermal Blocks. These “cradle to gate” certificates demonstrate that every aspect of manufacturing has been assessed and independently verified, from the raw materials right through to dispatch to assess the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. The EPDs are published through the Irish Green Building Council’s carbon footprint measurement scheme, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of the products used in Irish construction through robust environmental certification.

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