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Unique Sustainable Building Solutions

Choosing a Self-Build with Mannok package gives you a comprehensive building solution which can’t be found anywhere else.

Our range of high-performance construction products mean you can source multiple materials in one place, simplifying the process and ensuring you get a better deal.

Our tailored packages offer design flexibility and our technical experts will work with your architect to ensure your new home is designed to perform, meets or exceeds the relevant regulatory requirements, and most importantly is designed to give you comfortable living.

The added benefit is the cost savings on offer with discounts available on multiple essential building materials with our tailored self build packages.

Benefits with you in mind


A dedicated account manager will help simplify the process, with the benefit of dealing with one company for many essential building products.


No other manufacturer in Ireland can offer the same range of products in one bundle deal, complete with a comprehensive support service.

Tailored Solutions

Your self-build package is unique to your house. We will work with you and your architect to tailor a bespoke package for your home design.

Technical Expertise

We have a team of industry leading technical and design experts ready to help you achieve a more efficient house, which is designed for comfort and performance.

Included in your package

Technical Support Services

  • Pre-Design Consultation

    Our experts will be on hand to discuss your specific self-build project, to advise on design choices and offer recommendations on which construction method, products and services are suitable for you.

  • Bespoke Product Specifications

    Working together with you and your architect, our technical experts will provide bespoke product specifications for your building design. Using your architect's plans, they will advise on which specific products and technical details will best help you meet or exceed your target energy performance for your home.

  • U-Value Calculations

    U-value calculations are essential to assess the thermal performance of your building design by calculating the effectiveness of the building materials as insulators. We will provide these calculations to your architect, or advise how to achieve the best thermal performance using Mannok products.

  • Thermal Modelling & Thermal Bridging Factor Calculations

    Building regulations are driving the requirement for certified thermal bridging calculations, which are calculated by analysing the building fabric to assess and calculate localised heat loss through thermal bridges, or breaks in insulation.

    Commissioning thermal modelling can be costly, but we can provide this service as part of your bespoke package with our in-house NSAI Accredited Thermal Modellers. We will provide certified thermal bridging calculations, which are essential to achieving the best energy rating for your building design.

    Psi values or Y-factor calculations are provided, dependent on requirements for your region.

  • Precast Bespoke Design Service

    Full bespoke design service to create unique precast products to meet your specification requirements, with all precast units manufactured on custom built moulds. We have a full design team available to our clients, which includes the expertise of both Design Engineers and Architectural Technologists .

  • Product Volume Estimates

    One of the challenges for self builders is calculating the volume of products they will need to estimate their overall costs. Our Technical by Mannok team will help by estimating the volume of Mannok products required based on your plans and providing an overall cost estimate for your Mannok products.

  • On-Site Support Services
    *SIMS package only

    Our dedicated Engineer can provide on-site guidance for your builder on building with thin joint construction, including on-site training if required.

  • Precast Installation

    Our award winning Precast installation teams can ensure safe and secure fitting of all precast units. Fitting service includes initial risk assessment and reliable delivery service to ensure products are where and when you need them.

Tailoring Your Package

Choose your wall construction method

Perhaps the most important decision to be made when tailoring your self-build package is which construction method to choose for your walls. Self-builders in Ireland now have options which can dramatically elevate the quality, comfort and sustainability of their homes.

Aircrete Thermal Blocks offer the ultimate solution for a super thermally efficient home, insulating 10x better than standard dense concrete blocks and significantly reducing heat loss to ensure the long term energy efficiency of your home.

SIMS by Mannok

The most superior wall construction method which gives you a super insulated home which outperforms the alternatives when it comes to thermal performance, structural performance and sustainability.

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Aircrete Inner Leaf

A solution which combines the traditional construction method of cavity wall construction with the superior thermal properties of Aircrete Thermal Blocks, elevating the thermal performance of your home.

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Wall, Floor & Roof Insulation

The selection of roof, wall and floor insulation products will be dependent on the building design and the thermal requirements. Our Technical by Mannok team can work directly with your architect to provide calculations and advise on the best insulation solutions to suit the design.

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Precast Stairs, Floors, Landings & Balconies or Terraces*

Precast stairs, floors, landings and balconies or terraces can be custom made to suit the design of your house. A full in-house design team can work with your architect to create these customise products, with site delivery and installation also available.

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Choosing your rooftiles can dramatically change the look of your home. We have a full range of colours and styles to choose from, giving you the opportunity to achieve a look you can be proud of, whether you want a traditional or modern style.

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*All products are subject to availability

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