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A Super Insulated Home for Self Build

Up to 60% less build time vs traditional cavity wall construction.

SIMS by Mannok, the Super Insulated Masonry Solution, is the ideal construction method for self-builders in Ireland, which delivers a home which is a step above the major alternatives on the market in terms of thermal, structural and fire performance.

Ultimately, it is the perfect construction method for home builders to create the most comfortable, sustainable home in the quickest time, and offers the best value for money.

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How SIMs Compares

Comparing SIMS by Mannok with the other main construction methods on the market shows that it is clearly the best option for self-builders.

SIMs Timber Frame Traditional Cavity
Speed of construction Rapid Rapid Slow
Thermal performance Excellent Good Fair
Structural performance Excellent Fair Good
Fire performance 4 hrs 30 mins 2 hrs
Cost Best value Most expensive Least expensive

The building method

Combining high performance elements in one superior solution

SIMS by Mannok combines the benefits of each building element to work together effectively in a way that is superior to the alternative methods.

  • 1. Aircrete Thermal Blocks

    Build using Ireland’s most superior thermal block

    Aircrete Thermal Blocks are the best performing thermal blocks available on the market in Ireland for combined thermal and structural performance. The unique composition and technically advanced manufacturing method produces blocks which meet or exceed structural compliance standards and offer superb insulation properties, with significantly better thermal performance than any other comparable block.

    This super thermal performance is perhaps the most appealing thing about a SIMS home for self-builders, which addresses the biggest causes of heat loss in typical homes, heat loss through the walls and breaks in the insulation fabric, known as thermal bridges. Thermal bridging can account for up to 35% of the entire building’s heat loss, but heat loss through thermal bridges can be reduced by up to 80% using Aircrete Thermal Blocks.

    As a result, a SIMS house is more economical to run, with reduced energy costs for the long term.

    The unique properties of Aircrete Thermal Blocks also result in regulated internal temperatures with seasonal heating and cooling effects.

    SIMS walls have a single leaf masonry structure, as opposed to traditional cavity walls which have two masonry leafs. This reduces the number of blocks required by half, meaning the walls can be built up much quicker.

  • 2. ETICS - External Thermal Insulation Composite System

    Build better protected, better performing walls

    SIMS incorporates an External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) that has been used in mainland Europe since the 1960s and has become increasing popular in Ireland in recent years.

    ETICS refers to the multiple layers of materials and components which are fitted to the external face of the blockwork, providing robust protection against the elements whilst insulating the building.

    The composite system essentially wraps your home in insulation, complimenting the Aircrete Thermal Block and providing another high performance barrier to heat loss.

  • 3. Thin Joint Mortar (Optional)

    Build faster, better insulated, stronger walls

    SIMS walls can be built either using traditional sand and cement mortar or with a special adhesive thin joint mortar which has faster setting time and further improves the wall’s thermal and structural performance.

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