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Aircrete Thermal Blocks

The simple way to achieve thermal excellence

For combined thermal performance, strength and durability, Aircrete Thermal Blocks are the best performing thermal blocks in Ireland. They offer exceptional thermal performance thanks to their unique composition and the highly technical manufacturing process. These aircrete blocks are noted for their superb insulation properties, which ensures your home can achieve optimum performance.

Aircrete blocks are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes lifting and manual handling significantly easier and quicker on site. It’s the ease of handling and construction associated with these lightweight thermal blocks which have seen them become commonplace on sites across the UK and Europe and increasingly across Ireland.

Aircrete blocks also have an A+ Green Guide rating and Aircrete Thermal Blocks are manufactured using up to 80% recycled materials, making them an excellent choice for sustainable construction. Using Aircrete Thermal Blocks also significantly increases the energy efficiency of buildings, thus reducing the lifetime carbon emissions and your energy costs.

PIR Insulation

Floor, Wall and Roof Insulation

Mannok’s extensive range of PIR insulation products boast top-performing thermal properties to help achieve a more comfortable, energy efficient home. With purposely designed products for floors, walls and roofs, our expert technical team will work with you and your architect to advise on the best products from the PIR Insulation range for your self build home.

Creating a home to sit your lifestyle means designing for comfortable living and this starts with the very fabric of your house. Combining thermally efficient Mannok products will help achieve your high-performance home more easily by minimising heat loss and helping eliminate drafts, damp and mould.

The low thermal conductivity of Mannok Therm boards maximises the performance of their insulation properties and our boards are designed to guarantee compatibility with other essential products in your build.

The full range of Mannok Therm insulation boards have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and third party verified Environmental Product Declarations, making them not just thermally efficient but an ideal choice to design a more sustainable home.

Roof Tiles

A choice of colours, textures and styles Roof Tiles offers a range of high quality, high performance concrete roof and ridge tiles to help achieve the right look for your new home. The extensive range of tiles gives superb choice with a broad portfolio of colours and textures to complement the design of your home’s exterior.

With four different style ranges, you can capture the right character, whether you want a traditional or more modern style. For a more tradition look and feel, we have the Western range which is a flat, smooth tile, or the Loch Erne range for a gentle flowing pattern that gives instant visual appeal.

If you favour a more modern style, our Rathmore range gives a smooth, sleek finish, or our Devenish tile offers a very stylish textured finish.

Whichever style you choose, we have a range of colour options available to help give the most aesthetically appealing finish to your roof.


Flooring, Stairs and Landings, Balconies and Terraces

Exceptional quality precast elements with a full, expert design team on hand to work with you and your architect to create bespoke products to perfectly suit your home.

Your custom-built floors, stairs and landings, balconies or terraces will be extremely structurally efficient, with excellent exposure and fireproofing qualities and will also assist with sound reduction.

Take advantage of this modern method of construction which offers design flexibility and efficient offsite manufacturing. Our precast products are manufactured in a carefully controlled factory environment, creating safe, strong, reliable and long-lasting products with rigorous factory-controlled quality procedures to eliminate many common on-site issues.

Our award-winning installation crew will bring your Precast products to site and ensure efficient and safe installation with a risk assessment included before works commence.

All Precast products are produced to the highest quality standards and come with the reassurance that you are working with an expert team to achieve the ideal solution for your self build home.

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